Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is the maintenance of your Technistone®surface?

Technistone’s® polished surface finishes do not demand any significant maintenance. Some special surfaces such as honed, brushed, antique, matt, anticato and ardesia, and slate do require some recommended regular maintenance. Information regarding the care and maintanace of your special surface should be provided to you by your fabricator proir to installation.

How to maintain your Technistone® surface?
  • common cleaning is best performed by a mild liquid detergent and damp lint free or microfiber cloth
  • use TS Orange Cleaner to keep its shine
  • wash by water thoroughly after cleaning special finishes (i.e., honed, brushed, antique, matt, anticato and ardesia, and slate finishes):
  • these surfaces require more maintenance
  • temporary marks that are common, such as metal marks, fingerprints, or other signs of daily living are common and should be able to be removed by the standard polished cleaning method and a little additional effort.
Which cleaning products should be used for maintenance?
  • we recommend the detergents with pH between 5-8
  • do not expose Technistone® to any product with a pH above 8 or below 5, for even short periods of time. If the surface is exposed to these products immediately wash it large amounts of water.
How to remove that stubborn stain?

Use a damp soft cloth, warm water and one of our recommended detergents or mild soap. Apply the detergent on the surface, let it work for a few seconds, wipe off the surface, and thoroughly rinse with water.

Caution: if the surface is not wiped thoroughly, it could be damaged and its shine reduced. If any other material such as rubber, nail polish, etc. adheres to the Technistone® surface it is most important to scrape it off the surface first and then wipe it according the instructions above.

How durable is Technistone®?

Technistone® material is highly resistant to scratches. However, as any other material, excessive force or pressure on the surface can damaged it. We always recommend the use of a cutting board.

Our materials are resistant to the most stains, such as those from: fruit juices, liquid food color additives, coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks etc. Technistone’s® polished surface finish is nonporous and extremely resistant against scratches and liquid penetration or absorption. Additionally, the nonporous surface reduces the potential of the bacterial reproduction.

Can I use sharp-edged tools on Technistone® surfaces?

Technistone is highly resistant to scratching. However we strongly recommend to avoid using sharp-edged tools such as knives, screwdrivers, scissors, and needles that would come in direct contact with the surface. We always recommend the use plastic or wooden cutting boards.

How resistant is Technistone® to heat?
  • Technistone® is more resistant to heat than natural stone slabs such as granite.
  • Caution: sudden changes in temperature can cause damage especially on or near edges and seams
  • we strongly recommend the use of hot pads or trivets.
Does Technistone® provide a product warranty?

Yes, for a detailed explanation of your warranty please view more information about the warranty for Technistone products.

May Technistone® be used in outdoor applications?

Technistone has a very specific product range designed, developed and tested for outdoor use.
Please contact your area distributor or authorized Technistone dealer for more details.